Advice For Your First Year as a NEW Truck Driver

You just graduated from that respected truck driving academy with flying colors, and you are ready to start your new career in truck driving. Now what? Well, as the attached video cautions, it is good to be excited, but it is also smart to temper that excitement too.

Graduating from a good truck driving company is a good start, but there is more to being a successful truck driver than earning your CDL and driving a truck. Yes, it is true that the open road and freedom of truck driving is a great part of the job, and it is also true that truck drivers can earn a substantial income, but truck drivers, like people in any industry, don’t typically start at the top.

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That means that new truck drivers should look for driving jobs with companies that are established and that allow new drivers an opportunity to gain experience over those who promise the world. Many companies make claims such as Sign On Bonus and Tuition Reimbursement, but those catchy marketing phrases almost always come with fine print.

Congratulations on getting your CDL and starting your new career. Now, find an established company and start earning experience, and as you put miles beneath your wheels, the earnings will come.

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