Benefit of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on Your Property

There are over 40 electric car models (including plug-in hybrids and full battery electric) available in the United States, and over 1 million electronic vehicles have been sold. As a special incentive for purchasing electric vehicles, the United States Department of Energy offers a federal incentive program that gives up to $7,500 in federal tax credits for buying an electric vehicle (EV).

Electric vehicles will make up the majority (54%) of new car sales worldwide by 2040, according to a 2017 Bloomberg report. Plug-in electric vehicles are now viable for most lifestyles and budgets. With more than two dozen models now commercially available, some 800,000 Americans have made the switch to driving electric. But how do we maintain that enough vehicle charging stations will be available for this influx of the best commercial EVs?

On average, fueling a car with electricity is roughly the same as gas at $1/gallon of fueling with gasoline. EV charging solutions have to be considered for multiple scenarios. For example, take a homeowner with the best commercial ev. Charging stations for a home garage can cost a lot of money.

Electric car charging stations for an apartment can also be costly, but they must be considered for those property managers who are wanting to become a part of the green movement when it comes to electric vehicles. If a potential tenant can visibly see that a property manager wants to be a strong part of the green movement, that would make them more apt to choose that location. It shows not only their environmental values but also gives people with electric vehicles due consideration.

Charging stations also have the opportunity to help generate revenue for property managers. In purchasing the best commercial ev charging station for tenants/customers driving those vehicles, you can expect they’ll have to use it frequently, right? Setting aside the cost difference of purchasing an electric vehicle charging station with charging through pay-for-parking services could turn out to be a positive money generator for your business as well. People have to park somewhere! As long as you reasonably calculate and charge for parking, you’ll retain the cream of the crop.

Similarly, companies that offer public electric vehicle charging may be able to attract and retain employees who wish to charge their vehicles while working. It can be very important to many employees, even people who don’t personally own an electric vehicle, that a company considers transportation from all angles, not just traditional cars, buses, or public transit.

Aside from retaining tenants/employees and generating revenue, it’s important to consider the footprint you as a business or property owner are leaving behind. With regulations on carbon emissions throughout the globe, you want to be on the right side of history when it comes to your environmental values. Purchasing a charging station may be of benefit in terms of the value of carbon emissions offset on your property. Low carbon emissions equals cleaner air and a safer future.

So why not invest in something that can help your business or property look better to the potentials coming through? The 40% increase in the best commercial ev sales across the country would agree that this is the drive to the future.

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