Benefits Far Outweigh Car Breathalyzer Cost

Arizona interlock

Some people wonder if the car breathalyzer cost is worth it when deciding to install the device. An astonishing 28 people still die in the United States every day from drunk driving. On top of that, costs associated with drunk driving is over $59 billion per year. One piece of technology that was created to combat these terrible numbers was the car breathalyzer or an ignition interlock.

An interlock device works by having the driver of the vehicle blow into the machine in order to get the car to start. Just like a police officer would administer a breathalyzer test during a potential DUI or DWI stop, this discreet breathalyzer allows you to check your blood alcohol level before you hit the road. Most machines also require a test once the car is in motion.

Many court systems require interlock devices as a condition for someone who has received a DUI. There are about 150,000 devices installed in vehicles in the United States today. When you consider that there is about a 70% reduction in DUI arrests when these devices are installed, it appears they do work as an effective deterrent. Even after the devices are removed, repeat offenses for those drivers are 39% less than they are for drivers who weren’t required to have car breathalyzers.

The car breathalyzer cost is required to be taken care of by the offender in a DUI situation. Most models come with a rental and service charge in order to monitor and report use. When there is no DUI, such as when a parent wants one installed for a teenager as a preventive mechanism, the cost goes to the vehicle owner as well. However, there could be situations in the future where insurance companies offer discounts for non-DUI offenders who proactively install the devices as other monitors for speed and car use are gaining popularity.

Another way companies are trying to make the devices more popular is by creating the interlock cup. Some people may be embarrassed to use the traditional device for fear of being seen. The cup device looks like a typical “Big Gulp” cup that anyone would have in their vehicle. Just a blow into the straw and the driver can be on their way.

Considering breathalyzers do work to deter drunk driving, it appears the benefits of having these devices definitely outweigh the costs.

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