Ceramic Coating for Your Sweet Ride

Looking to upgrade your vehicle? One way to give your ride a sleek, shiny, brand-new car vibe is to use a ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating is an incredibly thin glass layer that goes across the paint of your car. Although it does not protect against everything, ceramic coating is very useful in keeping debris off your car.

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The ceramic coating comes in a bottle that contains two components; silica, which acts as the glass, and solvents, such as alcohol. It is best to be applied in small sections and buffed away, revealing a small layer of glass. Before you begin the process, you will need a bottle of coating, a pipette, and an applicator.

First, you must wash your car to eliminate any surface dirt. Next, it is best to decontaminate your paint with both chemical and mechanical processes. The chemical is sprayed to reduce things like break dust, and clay is used to remove any tar that is bonded. Be sure to polish the car. Then you can apply your ceramic coating.

The ceramic coating looks beautiful when installed properly, and can stay incredibly reflective and shiny for years to come. It has self-cleaning properties with high surface tension and is very resistant to debris.


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