Comparing Car Key Replacement Types

Car key replacements are products that are always going to be needed. As long as cars use keys, replacements are going to be needed. Human error cannot be avoided, so having a backup creates piece of mind.

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Car key replacements are even more important when all available keys have been misplaced or there was only one to begin with. Different types of replacements have different benefits and those benefits are compared in this video.

OEM, or regional, key replacements are the more expensive option when compared to after market replacements. The biggest difference between the two is the level of quality, especially long-term. This is because OEM replacements are from the actual manufacturer of the vehicle. With that being said, aftermarket replacements provide many good options nowadays.

The most important thing to consider when purchasing an aftermarket key is who you are buying it from. If you purchase one from someone who isn’t a certified locksmith, you’ll never be sure how long the key will last. It could be a month, or a year, or it could be a week. This will result in more money being spent and more stress on you as the vehicle owner. If you purchase an aftermarket key from a certified locksmith, you are getting much more assurance when it comes to longevity and overall quality. Most locksmiths will even offer some kind of warranty so you can take back the key if any problems arise.

If you are unsure about what car key replacements you should be looking into, contact a local expert.


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