Continue Driving Your Favorite Car With Used Japanese Engines and Transmissions

Japanese import engines

The United States imports a variety of goods from all over the world. In 2016, however, Japan was actually the fourth largest supplier of goods to this country. When taking the total dollar amount of these goods into account, they were valued at $132.2 billion.

What the United States Imports From Japan

While the United States did import other types of goods from Japan during 2016, some were more prevalent than others. Here are the top-three Japanese imports and their dollar values:

  • Vehicles: $50 billion
  • Machinery: $29 billion
  • Electrical machinery: $16 billion

The Most-Valuable Japanese Imports

Given that vehicles were the most-valuable Japanese imports during 2016, you might be interested to know a few more details. Toyota was listed as the most valuable car brand in the world at that time, and 389,000 Toyota Camry vehicles were sold in the United States alone. The estimated value of these vehicles was almost $30 billion United States dollars.

In 2016, there were five top-selling cars in the United States. Honda produced two of these top-sellers, the Honda Accord and the Honda Civic.

Worldwide Passenger Vehicle Production

There are, of course, a considerable amount of vehicles produced throughout the world every year. Japan, however, produces about 7.83 million passenger of these on an annual basis. While PwC predicted that 107 million vehicles will be manufactured on a worldwide basis in 2020, Toyota is expected to produce a considerable number of these. It has been predicted that this will amount to approximately 11 million vehicles being manufactured in Japan during 2023.

Used Japanese Engines and Transmissions for Sale

Do you currently own a quality Japanese-manufactured vehicle such as one of the more popular listed above? In this case, there may come a time when you need used Japanese engines and transmissions for your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for used Japanese transmissions or used Japanese engines for sale, it’s good to know that you can locate these at a shop near you. Rather than purchase a brand-new vehicle, it makes sense to put in a new engine or transmissions for the one you currently drive and love.

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