Cylinder Head Erosion on a Waukesha Engine

Cylinder head erosion is a common issue that affects Waukesha cylinders when the right additives aren’t applied. The YouTube video “Waukesha Cylinder Head Erosion” examines why this happens and how to perform proper car maintenance.

Waukesha cylinder sleeves coming in contact with liquid are prone to erosion. This is due to mechanical vibration causing dissolved gases and liquid to trigger resultant shock forces.

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This wears away protective films and coatings. If the working environment surrounding the Waukesha cylinder is naturally corrosive, the severity of the erosion increases.

Waukesha cylinder head erosion can lead to loss of coolant, which in turn causes overheating issues, unreliability, and eventually, engine failure. To fix Waukesha cylinder erosion, a Waukesha mechanic, after ensuring the presence of the right inhibitor and additives in the system, has two options. The first is to replace the cylinder head completely. This option is very costly and depends on the availability of a suitable replacement, especially for old Waukesha engine types.

Alternatively, a gas cylinder head can be modified for diesel usage. For proper replacement, the Waukesha cylinder area affected by corrosion will have to be machined out and a plug manufactured to enable the cylinder head to fit in appropriately.

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