FAQs About NRSWA Streetworks Training

Utnor Training (UTN) offers a comprehensive range of New Road and Street Works (NRSWA) courses tailored for individuals engaged in excavation, backfilling, and reinstatement activities for street works. The New Road Street Works Operatives or Supervisors Course spans five days, providing essential skills and knowledge to comply with the New Roads and Streets Act 1991. The curriculum covers key aspects, including the selection of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and for supervisors, the course delves into monitoring duties performed by operatives. It’s important to have more information about the NRSWA Streetworks Training.

The New Road Street Works Sign Lighting and Guarding Course, a one-day program, instructs participants on the correct layout of signs, barriers, lamps, and warning notices to ensure safety during road works. Both courses culminate in SQA certification and SWQR cards, valid for five years, attesting to the successful completion of the training.

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Additionally, Utnor Training offers a utility avoidance course designed for individuals involved in excavation work. This one-day course imparts knowledge in underground utility detection and understanding utility drawings.

For individuals with an expiring SWQR card, Utnor Training provides reassessment courses spanning two days.

To enroll in one of Utnor Training’s NRSWA streetworks training and obtain valuable certifications, interested individuals are encouraged to contact Utnor Training directly.


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