How Designers Meticulously Craft Cars Out of… Clay?

Clay offers many benefits in the process of designing cars. It may seem like an outdated process, but it is actually beating anything that is currently capable of machines. Even so, machines still assist in the process to make it quicker. In this video, you will learn how clay is used to design cars. If you need repairs made to your car quickly, consider taking it to a local trusted auto body shop.

When you think of clay, you likely think of a pottery wheel. However, the process of using clay to create car models is a little more high tech.

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It starts with a simple computer model of the car. A machine then cuts down a block of clay into the shape of the digital car model as closely as possible as it can. After this, designers can then sculp out small changes and finishes to the clay design. Since clay is so easy to work with, changes can be made easily. However, the process is still time consuming. Every detail needs to be meticulously considered and detailed. One particular benefit of using a clay model is that designers can see how the model reflects and interacts with light under different lighting conditions. This can be difficult to do with digital models.


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