How Full Service Towing Can Help Drivers

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In the year of 2013, trucking helped transport just about 15 billion tons of cargo shipments. Estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics have revealed that by the year of 2040 this number could grow to reach nearly 19 billion pounds. Trucking and those who work in this industry are important beyond just shipments. They often help with full service towing, a vital aspect of the auto service industry.

The average weight of a semi-truck is about 80,000 pounds, while the average car weighs around 5,000 lbs. An 18-wheeler takes about 40% longer to stop than a car. Truck drivers do a difficult job but when they can help people through full service towing, the value of their job is on clear display. Here are the facts on using full service towing:

Full Service Towing Is Very Reliable

A jack-knife accident occurs when the trailer comes into contact with the tractor. This is inevitable once the trailer exceeds a 45-degree angle compared to the tractor. These types of accidents do serious damage to vehicles and afterward, they could be totaled and unable to use at all. As a result, anyone involved in an accident like this will seek help from full service towing.

There are approximately 6 million car accidents in the United States each year. When someone is in an accident in their car it can potentially lead to a temporary state of shock. It is pretty intense and scary to be involved in a car accident and that is why having the help of full service towing is so beneficial!

Full Service Towing Is Quite Helpful

There are some situations in which you may need help from full service towing but have not been specifically involved in a car accident. This can include a car breaking down, wheel damage, tire damage, or a self-caused car accident where someone swerves or slides off the road. As a result, it is pretty obvious that towing services have an important role in the United States helping people through a bevy of situations.

Roadside assistance, recovery services, and lockout services are all crucial aspects of the towing industry and help show just how versatile these types of services are. As of right now, there are nearly seven tire punctures every single second in the United States. When this number is expanded across the year, it means that there are nearly 220 million flat tires each year.

The average driver will end up dealing with nearly five flat tires within the span of their life. So this just goes to show how prevalent and needed the work of full service towing is. As a matter of fact, harsh weather conditions have boosted demand for automobile towing services over the past five years. There are plenty of reasons why people need help from full service towing in the United States!

In Conclusion

There were 3.5 million truck drivers employed in the United States in the year of 2015. This just goes to show how essential the work of full service towing beyond just how they help people who are driving. It allows for a good number of American people to have access to a full-time job so that they can take care of their family!


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