Improving Energy Efficiency in Your Diesel Engine

Cummins fuel injector

You purchased your diesel powered vehicle for many possible reasons. You might have purchased it for its increase in energy efficiency. Maybe you purchased it because it is better for the environment. You may have even purchased it because they have cleaner engines overall. Whatever your reason for purchase was, you may soon forget those reasons when you begin having Duramax injector problems. If you want to achieve the highest level of efficiency and ensure that your diesel vehicle is running as best as it possibly can, remember these efficiency improvement tips.

Evaluate the problem
You cannot fully correct a reduced efficiency problem if you are not aware of what the problem is. Attempt to first diagnose the problem yourself. Even if you have to take it to a diesel engine mechanic, you will need the ability to communicate your troubles. Explain exactly what has changed about your vehicle since you originally bought it.

Include specific examples of reduced efficiency and give the diesel mechanic all important information about your vehicle, including the type of diesel, the frequency of maintenance on your vehicle, and exactly when you first noticed these problems. It can also be helpful to give information about where you purchase your diesel fuel from. The expected life of diesel fuel is 12 months when kept at 68 degrees ambient temperature. It is possible that where you are purchasing your fuel from is not properly temperature controlled and is contributing to your Cummins fuel injector problems.

Research any possible factory warranties
Problems in the manufacturing process occur. It can be a mistake that occurred on the line, or one that was improperly engineered for. Either way, these mistakes are usually financially covered by the vehicle manufacturer, as a way of correcting their mistake. You can usually find information about factory warranties on the internet or by directly contacting your manufacturer. The diesel engine design was first patented 125 years ago, by Rudolf Diesel. It has come a long way since then, and improvements will continue as new technologies come out.

Usually warranties will tell you exactly where the problem is within the engine and what it should correct. It is possible that the reduced efficiency you are experiencing is a direct problem with the warranty, if such a warranty exists. It is also possible that there is a warranty with the specific injector type used in your diesel engine, such as the Cummins fuel injector or the Duramax injector.

Repair or replace your diesel injector
The more modern common rail injectors can double the wear on injectors because they fire two or three times for every engine cycle. Although this is important in extending the life of your engine, it can cause your fuel injectors to wear out prematurely. A worn out fuel Cummins fuel injector can definitely cause reduced efficiency. Repairing your Cummins fuel injector could correct the problem.

If you are technical enough, you may be able to replace your 2005 Duramax diesel injectors yourself. To replace your injector, you would purchase a Duramax injector rebuild kit. The rebuild kit provides you with all of the tools and materials you need to fully repair your current injector. The level of difficulty will depend on the cause of the injector damage. One of the most common causes is a deposit buildup. There are two major types of deposits that can cause injectors to fail due to excessive buildup, external and internal injector deposits. If your 03 Cummins injectors or Duramax injectors are too badly damaged, however, it may be better to go with a full replacement. A full injector replacement should be handled by a diesel mechanic.

Most diesel mechanic vehicle owners purchased their vehicle for the increase in energy efficiency and quality. Diesel engines are known for lasting much longer than that of traditional problems. However, this does not mean that they never have any problems. If you are experiencing a problem with your current efficiency output of your diesel engine, consider all of these diagnostic factors. In many cases, a repair or full replacement of the diesel injectors is required.

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