Knowing When Your Car Needs New Tires or Rims

The owner of any car or pickup truck is responsible for that vehicle’s repair and upkeep needs, from oil filter changes to pounding out dents and dings in the body. Meanwhile, it is easy to take the car’s rims and tires for granted, but if the wheels are faulty for any reason, then this spells trouble for the car and may affect its performance greatly. So, if a car gets into a minor accident or is bought very used, the owner can take it to rim shops and tire shops for work, and rim repair can get a car back into shape. What else may be expected at rim shops and tire retailers across the nation?

Faulty Tires and Rims

A car with faulty wheels is going to suffer while on the road, and this can make the car sloppy and dangerous to drive on, and may cost the owner money, too. A car’s aluminum rims may get dented, cracked, or bent after a glancing blow against another car or an object (including the curb), and this will make a wheel unsuitable to drive on for much longer. The car should be taken to nearby rim shops or tire shops right away (and towed there if necessary), and get some work done.

What about damaged or very old tires? Even if car tires do not suffer punctures or slashes, they can become unsuitable for driving if they are very old, and old car tires are known to slowly but constantly leak air. This makes them too soft and floppy to drive on, and reduces their fuel efficiency. Old tires will leak even if the owner inflates them again, and these old, worn out tires may be more liable to burst or split open if they run over an object or if they hit the curb. Besides that, old tires may have their grips worn down, and this makes them too slippery to drive safely in many conditions. In fact, many auto accident scenes involve one or more cars that had old, worn out tires on it.

Tire and Rims Shops

If a car’s owner notes cracks in the rim or sees that their old tires are going flat, they should take their vehicle to rim shops and tire shops for care, and if rims cannot be repaired, then they can simply be replaced. Most often, car rims can only be fixed if the cracks are not too extensive, and if the damage is too serious, the rim is beyond saving. It should also be mentioned that car enthusiasts like to buy new rims anyway for their cars, since new rims can be quite stylish and be designed for the rigors of street racing. These rims may also have lights fitted into them, or be spray painted different colors.

As for tires, it is common for car owners to have their tires rotated in conjunction with oil filter changes, for a practical and easy-to-remember schedule. The owner may also note the date and odometer reading for each tire rotation. As for the tires, repair work is an option if the tire damage is not too serious, and the puncturing object may be removed and the hole may be patched up. If the damage is more severe or if the damage exists on certain areas of the tire, though, the owner has no choice but to get a new tire.

Replacing slashed or very old tires can make a car run much more smoothly and safely, and restore fuel efficiency, too. Some car tires are brand new, while gently used old tires can be bought for a discount price (even gently used tires are an improvement over punctured or very old ones, after all). Most car tires are conventional models designed for the open road, though there are also winter tires that have good grip on road coated with ice or snow, so the driver may not need to wrap chains around their car tires. Yet other tires are meant for off-road stunt and leisure driving, and these thick tires boast rugged grip for driving over rocks, sand, vegetation, and other rough surfaces off of paved roads.

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