Limo Service for a Customized and Unique Birthday Party

Special event limo service

Most people have been inside of a limousine, usually for wedding day travel. In addition to wedding days, there are many days that a limousine or other special event limo service could make the event even more special. Special event limo service vehicles remove the need for driving, allows guests to enjoy themselves more, and lets everyone ride around in style. Consider booking a special event limo service to increase the entertainment and luxury of your next event.


We celebrate our birthday every year. After many years, we run out of things to do that are unique or entertaining. We struggle with planning a birthday party that actually makes guests want to attend, rather than just show up out of obligation. We need something that makes the birthday person feel special, a task that is often hard to accomplish year after year. Using a limo can take the dull out of yearly events, like birthdays. It almost does not even matter where you go, as much of the entertainment will be in the limo ride.

Party buses can be especially entertaining for birthdays also. A party bus is often equipped with neon lighting, bar areas, sound systems, and dance floors. Some may even have an on board bathroom, allowing you to fully celebrate your birthday in transport. You may not even want to get off of the party bus!


Anniversaries are another event that comes around every year. Except when it comes to anniversaries, you are expected to continue to outdo yourself. After all, there is more cause for celebration, the longer that you have been together. You can take your spouse to a restaurant and dancing, something that you do every year or you can rent a limo for the night, and hit the town. The special event limo services allow you to cuddle and spend all of your attention on your spouse, without having to worry about driving. You can also share a glass or few of champagne from the back of the limo, without having to worry about safely driving.

Sweet 16 parties

Sweet 16 parties are a relatively newer concept. Many cultures see the age of 16 as a time of celebration. The child is transforming into an adult and wants to celebrate this transformation with all of their family and friends. Sweet 16 parties can be traditional, in the form of catered food and a DJ or they can be a fun night out with a limo or party bus. With most of the guests underage, stock the limo fridge with fruity non alcoholic drinks and hire a DJ for fun party bus dancing. It will be a party that your teen is sure to never forget.

Airport transportation services

Picking someone up from the airport can be a hassle. You have to find parking, while also finding their gate. You then have to wait for them to get off the plane and then find their luggage. It is also likely that they had an even harder travel process, with long flight waits and lack of sleep. Airport transportation services can improve the trip. They will appreciate the transportation, especially if you are unable to pick them up.

Limo airport services can also be very romantic when used to pick up a loved one from the airport, especially if they have been away for a long period of time. Send your loved one a limo service as a surprise and have it bring them to you. You can be waiting for them at home, a favorite restaurant, or a fancy hotel. Either way, it will add excitement and entertainment to the airport process. With approximately 50% of limo services being provided for business and corporate customers during the week, they will be used to your request.

From 2009 to 2014, the U.S. taxi and limousine industry grew by an estimated 3.2% annually. More and more people are learning about the benefits and entertainment possibilities of special event limousine services. With the U.S. taxi and limousine industry employing an estimated 256,651 people in the United States, the industry is only expected to grow.

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