Love Tailgating? A Big Bus Can Make it Even More Fun

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Big yellow buses are almost synonymous with the first day of school, and there are very few kids who don’t spend at least some time on them during their years in school. However, school buses for sale can be used for far more than just youth transportation after a school district is done with them. Choosing to buy school buses can be good for a number of different people who want to haul both themselves and their friends and family around. Whether they go on lots of big group vacations or want something with more space for their cross-country trip, shoppers should think about converting a youth bus.

In the autumn, perhaps the best reason for deciding to buy school buses is to create a football tailgating hotspot. No matter how cold the weather might be or where the stadium of your favorite team is located, being able to park a bus is the perfect way to stake your claim in a parking lot. It can be hard for your friends to find a little car in a sea of others, especially with grills smoking and beers flowing all over the place. But they will be able to see a big bus from a long distance off, so your parking area will be the most visible, and fun, tailgating spot before every big game.

If you want to go to a game with a group of friends and tailgate, there are a couple of problems that could make the event less fun. For one, it is tough to get a bunch of cars to arrive on the same time, and with all the traffic, getting parking spaces close to each other can be next to impossible. Plus, multiple cars means multiple drivers, and many football fans like to have a beer or two, if not more, when they want. If everyone takes the bus though, they will not have to worry about any of those semantic issues, and only one person will have to DD.

Plus, by deciding to buy school buses, tailgaters will be able to easily carry grills, beers, steak, coolers, chips, TVs, footballs, and all of their other tailgate essentials right to the stadium. Cramming all of that stuff, and a bunch of partiers into cars and even SUVs might make the trip a little crammed. But turtle top buses will give you plenty of space for your friends and your cargo.

Of course, pulling into a stadium parking lot with one of the big yellow school busses for sale might seem a bit weird, so getting a custom paint job is almost a must. While that might be a bit costly, it can help you show how much of a die hard fan you are and make it easy for other fans to find the best place to tailgate and get pumped up for the big game. For more, read this link.

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