Pusher or Plow, Get the Snow Where it Needs to Go

Snow pusher for skid steer

Winter can be a pretty fantastic season. There is plenty to love about the winter months. From snow sports and snow forts to enjoying a cup of hot chocolate by the fire while you watch the peaceful snowflakes drifting down outside your window, winter does indeed have a lot to offer. However that snow that is so beautiful, peaceful, and fun can also put a stop to things too. When the streets get dumped on with snow, most regular vehicles are not equipped to get through until the snow pushers or containment plows come through.

Clearing the way for people to get where they need to go
In some places during the winter months, the weather can get so rough that there ends up being several feet of snow on the roads and walkways. This is when the use of heavy duty snow plows comes in. It does not necessarily have to be the biggest containment plow, as you will still want to ensure clearance under obstacles if need be, but you will definitely want to employ the use of a containment plow that is strong enough for the task at hand.

Finding the right machine
Deciding what machine you need is highly dependent on the location of the area to be cleared and what you are doing with all that snow once it is cleared. Typically snow pushers are used to take the cleared snow to a specific area that is out of the way, while snow plows just push the snow to the side and leave it there. Snow plows can be used on many roads, while snow pushers might be the better choice for areas like parking lots. There are plenty of other factors to consider as well, also depending on the location but also on the type of weather. A heavier snow or a storm that has deposited or contributed to icy conditions might even call for a different type of blade.

Navigating the brutal winter storms
People need to get to work, and to school, to the store and any number of other important places that they would not be able to get to if it wasn’t for the snow plows and pushers. In just one year, New York City alone spent $11 million on services that specialized in snow removal. But that is not the only thing to worry about in the wintertime. Many places that usually experience snowfall will often also experience intense storms that can cause quite a bit of damage. It has been estimated that since 1980, the winter damages have cost the United States over $38 billion. From blizzards that bury roads under feet of snow to dangerous hail, high winds, and icy conditions, winter can wreak a lot of havoc.

There are many things to love about winter. But knowing how to handle the rough side of winter is crucial as well. Finding the right plow or pusher can do wonders to get you through.

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