Recycle Metal for Charity

We typically do not consider a metal supplier with rebuilding lives. However, a metal supplier actually does play a role in helping people get a fresh start. There is a program in Charlotte North Carolina that is offering new hope through a metal recycling program.

Video Source

This uplifting video shows how a commitment to helping the homeless is helping to build a metal recycling program. The business owner works with local homeless people to recycle metal and to help them get back on their feet. Queen City Metal Recycling is doing great things.

Combatting both environmental issues through recycling and helping people to recycle their lives is a unique business approach that more people should be considering. Everyone is a couple of paychecks away from potentially being homeless. This video shines some light on homelessness in The Queen City by presenting people who are working with the metal recycling facility that are homeless. Learn more about this program and the people that are involved in it by watching this video. Warning this video may cause inspiration and push you to get involved in your own community.


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