Snugtop Dealers vs Leer Which is Better and What the Difference Is

Are you looking for a canopy for your pickup truck and don’t know which one to choose? If you are leaning towards a leer canopy for your pickup truck, here are some pros and cons about this type of canopy.

Pros and Cons of Leer Canopy:


1. When it comes to paint matching, a leer canopy complements well with any other pickup truck colors.

2. Compared to a snugtop canopy, leer canopies tend to have more functionality and better-updated features compared to a snugtop.

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3. The rear window of a leer canopy has a screen window which makes it worthwhile whenever you go for an outdoor adventure.

4. Build quality. Leer canopies are more recently produced, and their build quality is up to par with some of the snugtop canopies that snugtop dealer sells. There are no leaks, and the build quality is robust.


1. Paint quality. Most of the time, paint qualities are not of the highest quality. Although matching the color of your canopy and your pickup truck is no big deal, be sure to find a snugtop dealer or a leer dealer that offers high-quality paint for canopies.

2. Fit. Most of the time, most pickup truck owners with leer canopies on their vehicle experience having the wrong fit. As a result, they tend to put more screws and find ways for the entire canopy to fit in the truck.


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