Spending on Prom Night Has Dipped Significantly as Parents Seek Innovative Ways to Save Money

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Every year, across America, high school students prepare themselves for the biggest night of their young lives: prom. Proms have a long history in America, dating back to the turn of the last century. Originally referred to as “promenades,” proms have always been the perfect opportunity for students to celebrate their completion of high school. Whether they go with friends or with a special date, students will always remember their proms as a highlight of their young lives.

The average cost that students — or their parents — spend on prom has dipped slightly in recent years, from just over $1,000 to approximately $750. Prom dresses can cost more than $200, and shoes, hair, and jewelry can significantly raise that total. Parents across America are searching for ways to economize without disrupting their children’s prom experience, and one solution has kids across America very excited.

It’s only natural that high school students want to share their prom experience with as many friends as possible, and the newest trend for prom night is to rent a charter bus. Parents and teens who plan ahead can contract with their local charter bus company well in advance of prom season: there are a limited number of charter buses available and competition for bookings can be fierce.

Limousines are, of course, traditional prom transportation, but high schoolers want to arrive at prom with their friends. A local charter bus company will be able to help prom-goers book buses that have room for entire sports teams or social clubs and their dates. Teens can be so nervous on prom night that having the option to travel comfortably on a bus can make the difference between a night spent worrying about how they look in their new dress or custom tuxedo and a night spent having great conversations in a welcoming environment with all of their closest friends.

Charter bus drivers can also help students make the most of prom night: drivers are able to make stops before and after prom, and students may want to have a special dinner together before making their way to the prom. Afterwards, drivers can take prom-goers to a local park or beach, helping students to create positive memories and to stay safe together in a larger group. Parents can volunteer to chaperone, and charter bus drivers are more than happy to “group text” parents about their children’s progress and location throughout the evening. GPS tracking and great communication make prom comfortable and fun for parents as well.

Attending prom is a symbol of freedom for high school students, and a local charter bus company can help plan the perfect evening. Some prom-goers gather early enough that they can stop at a local video game arcade and have fun in formal attire, and charter buses can actually pick students up in a pre-determined order with enough time to take pictures with friends and family. While some high schools host themed dance parties after prom, there are other schools where students gather at a restaurant together to eat and reminisce about their high school years.

Prom itself remains an important rite of passage for children on the verge of becoming young adults, and charter bus rental is just one of many ways that students and parents can trim costs without sacrificing fun and quality. Finding gently used prom dresses online or in local consignment stores can allow prom-goers to wear unique, vintage creations that are impossible to find in stores.

Students across America are excited to find ways to save money during prom season, and parents are looking to innovative solutions like contracting with a charter bus company in order to make sure that their children have the time of their lives without breaking the bank. Finding the perfect dress, the perfect date, and cost-effective transportation sounds like a winner to an increasing number of American prom-goers.

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