The Best Spark Plugs for Your Cars Engine

Did you know that spark plugs are essential to the function of any standard gasoline automotive engine? Without the sparks they create, the gasoline would never ignite. Spark plugs fire almost constantly when a gas-powered vehicle is running. Since they are so important, you should always get the best possible spark plugs when you need to replace them.

Video Source

This video goes into depth about the changes in spark plugs over the years. They used to be unreliable and would need to be cleaned frequently. Now, great spark plugs can be used for tens of thousands of miles and function perfectly without cleaning. Since there can be a significant difference between great spark plugs and terrible ones, you need to make sure you buy the best possible spark plugs for your car.

The best modern spark plugs are made from iridium. This is a very durable material that can withstand extreme heat without cracking. Some of these spark plugs can last for hundreds of thousands of miles. Some of the best automotive manufacturers install these high-quality spark plugs in the factory. This allows them to reconfigure their engine designs in ways the make them harder to get to and replace without inconveniencing vehicle owners.

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