The Complexities of Car Electronics

In this video, you will learn about car electronics. There is an electrical system in your car that controls all of the other electrical systems. The battery has circuits that run from the positive side to the negative side.

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This will keep the batteries charged and go to each individual component to keep it charged. Car’s have a lot of little computers in it. The purpose is to take the power and distribute them further into smaller circuits. These can be distributed to thinner wires and individual components. Make sure each wire is individually removable. These are more susceptible to blowing. Some of these have automatic circuit breakers. There is an electromagnet out there that gets powered up and it allows contacts to connect. They are physically separated contacts. If they do get burnt up, they can still run on their own. The 210 power fuses carry smaller wires. The power distribution module carries the current from the battery and distributes it to the small computer systems. If you are interested in learning more about the complexities of a car, keep watching this video for more information.

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