The New Tools of the Towing Trade

Most people think of towing as a simple process of hooking up a vehicle to a tow truck and moving along. This video will change your perspective of what towing can do. Watch as these impressive machines unveil some of the newest equipment used to tow overturned semis and more.

Video Source

This video is a must-watch for anyone that is a fan of how things work. Learn about the latest equipment used to move large vehicles in some of the most precarious positions. Go behind the scenes in a manufacturing plant to see a wide range of vehicles from pickups to machines that can two 75 tons.

Learn more about the different manufacturers and their flagship equipment. This interesting video is entertaining and informative. Ride alongside a truck with a telescopic boom that can extend over 11 meters. Watch as a crane lifts a semi-truck up and rotates it. These machines are not your average tow machines. It is fascinating to watch them in action. You will find yourself cheering out loud when that semi is turned from its side to an upright position. Watch this video now to learn more about the latest tow equipment and its features.

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