Three Great Excuses to Rent a Motorcycle

Rent a harley davidson

Whether you’re a casual biker, or patched member of a Motorcycle Club, there are times when you won’t always have access to a ride. You may have flown out to another state for a vacation, you might be considering a new Harley, or your significant other might be putting up some resistance and restricting your access to the road. These scenarios might sound troublesome, but they are all excellent excuses to rent a motorcycle.


Looking at motorcycles for sale can be a lot like trying to buy a new car, except that new and used motorcycles can provide a broader range of experiences as you go from one make and model to another. If you’re not sure that you want a particular type of motorcycle, it might be easier to rent one than it would be to find someone willing to let you try their bike out for a weekend. Harley rentals can let you try out a bike for a day, a weekend, or even longer, so that it’ll be easier for you to determine if the new 2014 Harley CVO Limited, or the Touring Road King should be your next ride.


It’s not always easy to bring your ride along when you go on a vacation. This is particularly unfortunate, because riding a motorcycle is one of the best ways to really see the sights and enjoy a new city. Fortunately, Harley rentals can fill that gap and let you navigate a new place in a way that’s more comfortable and enjoyable than renting a car (also known as a “Grocery Getter” among motorcycle enthusiasts).

If you are somewhat new to riding and you go with a group, be sure to brush up on motorcycle hand signals. If you want to signal to people behind you that it’s time to stop for food and drink, then turn your head a little bit to the left, close your left hand into a fist and touch an extended thumb to your mouth. If there is a hazard in the roadway, you can warn those behind you by pointing down at an angle with your left hand, and kicking your right foot out and pointing your toes up.


In the United States, there were about nine million motorcycles registered in 2012, but unfortunately, none of them were yours. There are two kinds of restrictions. There is the type that you impose on yourself, because you ride only a few times a year, and owning a motorcycle would not be cost effective, and the kind that someone else imposes on you because they fear motorcycles. If you don’t feel that it makes sense to buy a motorcycle, then Harley rentals will really fit the bill for getting in a ride whenever you want it. If a significant other has banned you from owning a motorcycle, then motorcycle rentals could be the compromise that lets you enjoy the road, and your relationship at the same time.

It makes perfect sense to rent a Harley to find a new ride, to enjoy your vacation more, and to mollify your partner. Whatever your situation is, taking advantage of Harley rentals every now and then may be the best way to get your fix. References.

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