Three Reasons to Take Your Car Through a Drive Through Car Wash

For some, having a sparkling clean car is a nice habit to fall into. But for others, keeping their cars clean of mud and rust-causing road salt is a necessity. For those living in areas of the United States that experience winters, the salt that is used to melt snow and ice on roads can potentially damage the undercarriage of a car, as well as the paint, so keeping a wintry car clean is critical.

But a sparkling clean car is also just nice to look at, and around 8 million people bringing their cars to a drive through car wash per day agree. You may think that all car wash locations are created equally, or that hand-washing your car will get you that same, sparkling clean. In actuality, an efficient car cleaning can mean the difference between a truly clean car and one that just looks clean. Let’s look at three reasons why a drive through car wash is the best option for ensuring that your car will be sparkling clean.

Convenience is Key

Hand washing may seem like such a simple solution, but the amount of time involved in performing the task can be seriously taxing. After all, you have to drag out the hose and the buckets and the rags and the chemicals, spend quite a while actually cleaning the car, rinsing it all off, waxing it if you want that shine to stay, and then put all your equipment away. What a hassle!

The beauty of a touchless car wash is that you don’t even have to leave your car to do it. These drive through services allow you to stop in on your way to or from work, or when you’re running errands on the weekends, and get your car cleaned. The cost is typically quite low, enough that it more than makes up for all the time you’d otherwise spend on hand-washing your car.

Less Risk of Damage from Chemicals

Car wash chemicals are specially formulated and balanced to ensure that dirt and grime is blasted off, but your paint stays intact. With hand-washing, you may be accidentally rubbing paint away slowly but surely, and a self service car wash doesn’t have quite enough power to make their use worthwhile.

With a drive through car wash, there’s no need to worry about damage to your paint. The wash is specially designed and perfectly formulated to be gentle while still achieving that squeaky clean look.

A Clean Like No Other

Maybe you enjoy spending your time on carefully cleaning your car. You’ve researched chemicals and are attentive with the pressure you put on your paint. And that’s great, but when hand-washing is compared to the clean a drive through wash can get you, there’s quite a big difference.

Drive through washes are specifically designed to get dirt and grime out of every nook and cranny on your car. With a hand wash, you may not be able to reach these little nooks and crannies, and elbow grease can only get you so far. A hand wash really isn’t comparable to a drive through wash, given the dramatic difference in time and results.

It’s no secret that a drive through car wash is a great choice for maintaining not only your car’s sparkling clean exterior, but also the paint, the undercarriage, and even the functionality of some of the parts. Hand-washing your car is a time consuming task, and for those whose biggest commodity is time, a drive through wash is well worth the cost.

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