What Defines a Street Legal Golf Cart?

Recently, golf carts have become all the rage on and off the course! People are buying these vehicles to get around their neighborhood, do yard work, and even race. If you’re wondering what can make your ride a street legal golf cart, watch this video to learn more!

Lights are essential if you want to drive your cart on a road. This needs to include turning signals, break lights, and front headlights.

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You also need a five-panel mirror that spans the width of your golf cart. These can see a lot more than a typical car’s review and side mirrors can. Last, you need to have a horn installed on your steering wheel. This presents itself more as a safety issue in the event you need to alert someone of your presence.

Once you have all of these components, you will need to call the city to have an agent come out and inspect your vehicle. They will put a sticker on the windshield for twenty dollars. Do not call the DMV for this process. Now that everything is up to date you are free to drive your golf cart on any road where the speed limit is under thirty miles per hour, or anywhere there is a designated cart lane.


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