What Trailer Hitch Fits Best With My Truck?

If you need to hitch something to your truck, you need to make sure you are choosing the correct trailer hitch based on the type of vehicle you have, the weight of your vehicle, and the weight of what you are hitching. This is crucial, so you can make sure everything is done safely.

There are different types of tow hitches determined by their weight. Class 1 and 2 are for smaller cars and can hold a bicycle on the rack when you want to bring it to the trail.

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Class 3 can be used on full-size cars and pickup trucks. These can hold a camper for the family camping trip or a boat.

Class 4 is great for heavier campers for your family getaway or heavy construction equipment for work. These must be used on a pickup truck.

Class 5 has two options: xtra duty and a commercial. This gives you an opportunity to be able to haul what you need with your pickup truck.

When it comes to buying a trailer hitch, consider all of the weight that will be involved and make sure your car or truck doesn’t need any weight distribution help or extra hitching equipment attached.


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