Who Gets All The Car Talk Credits For Such A Popular Show?

Car talk credits

The popular weekly car talk radio show that broadcasts through National Public Radio (NPR) has been on the air for some time, and deservedly so. This car talk show has covered every car related topic under the sun, from the advantages of various makes and models to advice on caring for these vehicles. Tips and trends are covered, as are talks with noted car experts, giving the average listener and the most avid car aficionado alike something interesting to listen to each time they turn on the show.

At car talk, every single topic is covered in weekly segments, giving everyone with any interest whatsoever in cars something good to listen to. The show has built up a solid reputation for offering quality content in a very laid back and relaxed radio based atmosphere, which over the years has transitioned into a more suitably online friendly environment in which listeners from across the country and world can tune in on their own time. So who are the people who are running this weekly show, and what do they really think about cars?

Car talk credits can mainly go to the producers and the writers of the show, who come up with the ideas behind these segments and who should rightfully receive all the car talk credits in the world. A lot of the time, though, most of the car talk credits go to the people who are talking about these topics on the air, who are mostly the personalities behind these programs. They are the people whose voices listeners hear when they tune in, so more than likely they are the people who get the attention when discussing who should get the most car talk credits.

Of course, some car talk credits do need to go to these on air personalities, because they obviously know their cars too. They might not be writing these segments or developing these ideas, but they are shooting off the cuff as they discuss these topics, so they need the credit for their work too. Some are happy to take it and others are perfectly fine to give all the credit to the producers and the writers behind the show and each of its segments. And all have quite a good sense of humor about it, as one visit to the car talk website proves. It shows that these personalities and the producers are just as funny about other stuff as they are about cars.

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