Why Do You Need OCC/ACC Insurance?

Mike Lawrence notes that if someone leases on a motor carrier in the trucking sector, they are probably not covered by the motor carriers’ workers comp policy. Watch this video to understand the benefits of OCC/ACC.
First, although worker’s comp is the best coverage, it is also the most expensive. Therefore, an OCC/ACC policy is the preferred solution because it provides comparable benefits. Secondly, according to US Labour Department, trucking is one of the riskiest jobs in America.

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The third reason to consider OCC/ACC is coverage for medical expenses in a truck accident. Even if a driver has health insurance, coverage for work-related injuries may not be included. The fourth reason is that it provides disability benefits in a trucking accident. When a trucking accident occurs, and the driver is injured, it provides disability compensation and pays the driver’s expenditures until they can return to work. Lastly, OCC/ACC safeguards drivers and their families. Mike points out that it provides medical coverage, disability benefits, and even death payments to the beneficiary. One should contact an OCC ACC insurance company for more information on this policy.


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