Why Get an Aftermarket Pump For Your Diesel Engine?

If you drive a diesel engine vehicle, you know how great they can be. The average diesel engine gets 45 miles to the gallon on the highway, and on a single tank of fuel a diesel engine can take you between 400 and 800 miles. For a variety of reasons, diesel engines are only now just catching up in the United States. Only one diesel engine car is sold out of every 100 in the United States, and only 10 out of every 100 trucks. For those in the know, diesel engines have everything going for them. If there’s anything that can improve your diesel engine and push it up another notch in power and reliability, it’s having the right diesel fuel pump. That’s what keeps FASS fuel system dealers so popular among the diesel community.

Why Do I Need a Diesel Fuel Lift Pump?

After all, your vehicle already has a lift pump. Why do you need another one? The fuel lift pump supplies fuel from the tank up into the injection system of the engine. This is necessary in order to ensure that fuel gets pumped into the tank at the right pressure level to ensure steady combustion. The reason that you might not want just any old universal fuel pump is that the amount of fuel injected into your engine is the number one indicator of how much power you’re going to get. The fuel pump is what usually fails first in a diesel engine because of the constant demand to pull fuel from the tank at such high pressure. If the fuel pressure drops, the horsepower output of the engine will drop and the injection pump can even fail. Upgrading the pump makes all of this a lot less likely to happen.

What’s Great About the FASS Fuel Pump?

The term FASS stands for “Fuel Air Separation System,” and this acronym perfectly describes what you can expect from what you are buying at the FASS fuel system dealers. Here’s some of what makes FASS one of the biggest and most reliable names in diesel fuel systems.

  1. They’ve been in the business for years. One reason you can’t go wrong with FASS products is that they really know what they’re doing. Their name is synonymous with diesel power and they sell everything from factory replacement pumps to ultra-powerful models that can pump 220 gallons an hour at 45 psi.
  2. They have a lot of variety. Another reason to consider using FASS diesel pumps is simply the variety that’s available to you. They’ve even got pumps for Class 8 semi trucks. You’re going to be hard-pressed to find another company with the experience and expertise to produce consistency across so many types.
  3. They are custom-designed to match flow rates. Another reason to take a look at the offerings at FASS fuel system dealers is the way their pumps so perfectly match flow ratings in both low-pressure and high-pressure fuel pump models. They can even take care of you if you need a fuel pump for extreme applications.
  4. They care about their product. The company has long been known for its excellent customer service and constant interest in upgrading their fuel pumps to match the needs of customers and developments in diesel fuel and diesel fuel engines.

What Benefits Will I See If I Add a Fuel Filtration System?

Whether you go with something from FASS fuel system dealers or another company, there are some important benefits to having a special fuel pump system installed. Here are just a few of them:

  • You lower your overall maintenance costs.
  • You get better performance in extreme temperatures.
  • You eliminate contaminants in your fuel, which spares your fuel injectors.
  • You get better mileage from your fuel.
  • Your torque and horsepower go up.
  • Your filters are going to last a lot longer.

There are a lot of good reasons to upgrade your diesel engine with a new fuel pump, particularly if you’re talking about a truck. Why not look into FASS fuel system dealers in your area and see what they can offer in the way of FASS pumps and other quality fuel systems, so that you can get the most out of your diesel engine?

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