Find Your Next Car at a Used Subaru Dealer

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Subaru dealer ny
If you are in the market for a new car, you may want to check out the offerings at used Subaru dealers. Subaru is considered one of the premier car manufacturers in the world. Subaru is the automobile manufacturing division of the Japanese transportation conglomerate Fuji Heave Industries. Fuji Heavy Industries, which is the parent company of Subaru, got its start under the name of The Aircraft Research Laboratory in 1915. Subaru of America was established in 1968 in Philadelphia. Currently the company is the 26th biggest automaker by production world wide in 2011. While there are many different models offered by used Subaru dealers, it is interesting to note how environmentally friendly these cars actually are. The use of highly recyclable materials in the vehicles earned Subaru a 97.3% recycling ratio rat

Bus Shopping Starcraft vs Glaval

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Church bus
There are far fewer bus manufacturers than there are automakers, but that doesn’t make choosing a bus any easier. Two very popular bus manufacturers are Starcraft, and Glaval. Did you know that both are a division of Forest River Incorporated? Now that you know that the same company is behind both manufacturers, how do you choose between the two makes when looking at buses for sale? Here are a few facts that might help you to decide. Starcraft Bus Starcraft is reportedly the largest shuttle bus manufacturer in North America. They make small to medium sized models, and they are a popular make among individuals searching church buses fo

Add These Steps to Your To-Do List When Selling an SUV

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A lot of people really need an SUV for their lifestyle, but the the cost of a new one can be completely prohibitive. Luckily for you, as someone who needs to sell their Toyota Highlander, there’s a good market of people interested in buying a used SUV. However, to get the best deal, there are a few things that you’ll need to do, and a few things that should probably make it onto your to-do list. Three Things You Absolutely Need to Do
  • Clean your SUV. Inside and out.
  • Have your title in order.
  • Know the value of your SUV.
Used car dealerships are going to try and get the best deal they can on your vehicle. If you know the value of your car, and whether or

Give Your Honda Hybrid a Performance Boost

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Honda insight battery replacement
If you love your Honda Civic hybrid, then it probably has something to do with the quick and painless refill at the gas pump. Most people don’t think of hybrid vehicles when they think of modifications being made for better performance, but there are actually a lot of things that you can do to juice up your hybrid. Some people choose to switch out the air intake systems, front disk brake pads, or exhaust systems catback. However, did you know the hybrid battery could also be modified? It’s true, the hybrid car battery has a significant impact on hybrid Continue Reading No Comments

Three Great Excuses to Rent a Motorcycle

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Rent a harley davidson
Whether you’re a casual biker, or patched member of a Motorcycle Club, there are times when you won’t always have access to a ride. You may have flown out to another state for a vacation, you might be considering a new Harley, or your significant other might be putting up some resistance and restricting your access to the road. These scenarios might sound troublesome, but they are all excellent excuses to rent a motorcycle. Auditions Looking at motorcycles for sale can be a lot like trying to buy a new car, except that new and used motorcycles can provide a broader range of experiences as you go from one make and model to another. If you’re not sure that you want

Helpful Maintenance Tips for Your Spare Tire and Custom Cover

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Jeep tire covers
In the United States, approximately every seven seconds a vehicle tire gets punctured. Besides these mishaps, tires that are not properly aligned and rotated can wear faster, and are more prone to blowouts. Having a spare tire is essential for any vehicle, but cars and trucks with external spares will need to extend some extra care towards keeping their Hummer, Ford Bronco, Toyota RAV4, or Jeep tire covers in good condition. Spares exposed to the elements can become warped and damaged by the sun, wind, rain, and even animals. Many vehicle owners are good about keeping their spare covered, and some even choose to do so with custom tire covers that express their personality. If you have a custom cover you can take some e