Why Do Consumers Prefer To Buy Their Cars In-Person?

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People who’ve bought cars in the past and people who are considering their very first purchase can both benefit from the basics. Buying cars nowadays is much different than buying cars ten years ago, with technology and improved car models providing a new landscape to navigate for nearly everyone. Should you try a used car this time around or shell out a little extra for a brand new model? What are the benefits of a Ford dealership? A few minutes worth of reading will refresh you on car buying know-how and have you feeling good about where your money’s going.

Used Cars Are Affordable, Reliable And Common

There’s a lot to like about a used car. You can find plenty of different models to suit your tastes while managing your budget to the dollar. Between both private-party transact

Here’s What to Look For in a New Car If You Have a Dog

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You want to bring your four legged best friend everywhere, but you don’t want to ruin your new car. Your old car was perfectly worn in — dog hair everywhere, a few scuff marks or scratches on the seats, and the comforting smell of canine. Or, perhaps you’re thinking about getting a dog and are worried that your car isn’t big enough to comfortably accommodate a dog plus the family. After all, family friendly vehicles have to include pets too! So what should you look for with dog friendly cars? What makes a car dog friendly? What should you keep on hand to provide your pup while you’re on the move?

Are You Looking for Floor Mats for Your New Vehicle?

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Guys and their trucks have received a lot of attention in the last week!
The guys, and gals for the matter, who make up the Cajun Army deserve the attention that they have been giving. Pulling all matter or boats and anything else that could be used as a water rescue vehicle, the Cajun Army made their way from Louisiana to Texas to help rescue people who were stuck from the high waters of Hurricane Harvey. From trucks that rode so high that they could navigate the through deep waters to fishing boats of all sizes, the Cajun Army was an integral part of the rescue efforts that followed the devastating storm.
Vinyl trunk mats, rubber floor mats, and other accessories played a small role in the rescues, but you can be sure that even

Make Sure to Do These 2 Things When Purchasing a Used Car

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There are many purchases in our lifetimes that will cost a pretty penny. For example, purchasing a home, furniture, or even a vacation can be quite costly, and your wallet may suffer. However, not all purchases have to take such a toll on your finances, and one example of this is purchasing a used car.
Used cars can be a great option for your family as they offer a lot of bang for their buck without being too harsh on your wallet. But, there are plenty of different options when it comes to used car dealerships, that it can seem exceptionally overwhelming when picking out the right family car. In order to ensure you are picking

4 Reasons You Should Get a Ford F-150

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Used cars for sale in ames iowa
If you’re looking at used cars or trucks at the auto dealership, then you should look no further than the Ford F-150. There are a lot of great cars on the market today, and a lot of them have found their ways to car dealerships across the nation, but only the Ford F-series has been the best-selling truck for 40 consecutive years.
And if that alone doesn’t encourage you to buy it, then we have a list of great reasons to head down to your local car dealership to check it out:

Innovative Engine

The F-150 comes with a list of engine options, and while there are four engine types available, the 2.7-liter

Need an Ignition Interlock Device Installed? Read More Here

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Despite the increased awareness about the negative consequences of drunk driving, every day almost 30 people die every day in the United States because of drunk driving. Most drunk drivers who are eventually pulled over have driven an average of at least 80 times before getting caught the first time. Indeed, drivers who had a BAC of 0.08% or higher and who were involved in fatal crashes were six times more likely to have had a DWI conviction on their record than drivers who had no alcohol in their system. So how can we make sure these repeat offenders stay off the road while they’re under the influence? The answer may come in the form of an ignition interlock. These devices have been shown to reduce repeat offenses and can help save lives when installed.
What Is an Ignition Interlock and How

The Cost of Ignoring Vehicle Routine Maintenance

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With vehicles, there are two main reasons why it has to be brought into the shop: general catastrophe or routine maintenance. A general catastrophe would be something that would damage a vehicle very badly. But regardless of your vehicle’s accident history, your vehicle still needs routine maintenance.
Routine maintenance can consist of many things but it stands around a central premise: Every vehicle needs to be updated periodically as old parts wear out and new parts need to be put in. In this article, I’ll cover three of the main parts of routine maintenance for vehicles: brakes, tire rotation, and the oil change.
Brakes can last between 25,000 and 50,000 miles in a vehicle. When it comes to a brake inspection, it is important to look for the brake pads. There are two pads per rotor and

Can You Solve the Small Home Maintenance Problems Yourself?

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Stainless hose clamps
Your father has always been the most handy person that you know. He is able to use a piece of duct tape to get his car’s upholstery to hold together. He can use a zip tie to make sure that the supplies he is bringing home from the hardware store do not get tangled. And there is no mechanical problem that he cannot solve if he has his tool box and a variety of hose clamp sizes available. The fact that he can use hose clamp sizes for so many tasks, in fact, is exactly why you thought that your father would be the perfect person to take the part time handyman job at the apartment across from your office building.
You have been looking for a way to encourage your dad to move out his big ranch home and into a smaller place, and you

How the Hose Clamp Makes Plumbing Repairs Easier

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Aircraft type hose clamps
The hose clamp was invented by a person named Lumley Robinson in 1921. Since its invention, the hose clamp has become one of the most popular items in the plumbing industry. Knowing how a hose clamp makes any repair easier will help you in the future. In this post, you will learn about why hose clamps are so often used in plumbing

The Many Advantages of a Hose Clamp

Hose clamps are a replacement for many common household items. In the event you don’t have heavy duty zip ties on hand, a hose clamp can be used in its place. Many household repairs prefer using hose clamps due to how sturdy of a hold they pr

Why Chevrolet Is the Best Choice For Your Teen’s First Car

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As a parent, keeping your child safe is your number one priority. Which is why it’s incredibly stressful to watch your child grow up and sit behind the wheel of a car. 55% of parents of teenagers reported being more worried about their child driving without the supervision of an adult than they were worried about any other area that may cause parental stress including drug use, alcohol use, academic performance, and sexual activity, according to a Chevrolet-commissioned Harris Poll survey.

Being nervous about your child driving is understandable. In peer-pressured events, your teenager is able to make their own choices and deal with the consequences. However, regardless of how well your teenager is able to drive, they’re at the mercy of other drivers when they’re on the road.

The importance of picking the right car

It’s easy to get distracted by numbers and colors when car shopping for your teenager’s first vehicle. Find a balance between car safety and class. Chevrolet vehicles offer your teenager the style they love while giving you the peace of mind that they’ll be safe.

Teen Driver Technology

Unlike any other vehicles, Chevrolet offers their drivers the option of a built-in system called Teen Driver, which helps promote your child’s good driving habits. Teen Driver can automatically turn on the safety technologies in your car such as front automatic braking and side blind zone alert. The system also mutes the music in the car until seat belts are fastened and provides your teen with an audial warning if they speed.

Chevy safety

If the built-in Teen Driver system isn’t enough to ease your nerves, Chevy safety will be. Chevrolet protects your child as well as their friends utilizing 360-degree airbag technology and durable structures inside the car. According to Chevrolet, these strong “vehicle structures help to absorb and dissipate crash impact energy and innovative air bag technologies” for extra protection.

Chevy safety also extends to preventative safety. Chevrolet includes a series of collision technologies in its vehicles including Lane Keep Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Forward Safety Awareness to keep your child safe before a crash can even occur.

Chevy reliability

The final case in Chevy safety is reliability. In the event that your teenager does suffer from a crash, they can rely on the help of an Automatic Crash Response through OnStar, a built-in system that detects collisions with your child’s vehicle. If a collision occurs, an OnStar Advisor will connect to your car and request emergency assistance if the driver does not respond.

To keep your child safe on the road and to promote good driving habits, choose a Chevrolet vehicle for your teenager’s first car. Its safety and reliability will give you peace of mind even as your child’s skill behind the wheel develops and they go out into the world on their own.