Improving Energy Efficiency in Your Diesel Engine

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Cummins fuel injector
You purchased your diesel powered vehicle for many possible reasons. You might have purchased it for its increase in energy efficiency. Maybe you purchased it because it is better for the environment. You may have even purchased it because they have cleaner engines overall. Whatever your reason for purchase was, you may soon forget those reasons when you begin having Duramax injector problems. If you want to achieve the highest level of efficiency and ensure that your diesel vehicle is running as best as it possibly can, remember these efficiency improvement tips.

Evaluate the problem
You cannot fully correct a reduced efficiency problem if you are not

Find the Right Mercedes Parts and Drive into the Sunset

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Mercedes parts miami
The day that you get your first car is an exciting one. Whether in the form of a gift on your 16th birthday, the result of years of hard work and saving, or anything in between, your first car is something special. For some people, that first vehicle is a heap of patched together metal that barely gets you from one place to another. For other individuals, that first car is the fast, shiny, masterpiece of the road you have always envisioned yourself in. Whatever the case may be, there is often a dream car in mind, one that you hope to have at some point. And for some, that dream car happens to be a Mercedes Benz.

From beater to your Mercedes
It doesn’t matter what your first car is, or how long it takes you to get the Benz of your dreams. What matters is that you are fi

Limo Service for a Customized and Unique Birthday Party

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Special event limo service
Most people have been inside of a limousine, usually for wedding day travel. In addition to wedding days, there are many days that a limousine or other special event limo service could make the event even more special. Special event limo service vehicles remove the need for driving, allows guests to enjoy themselves more, and lets everyone ride around in style. Consider booking a special event limo service to increase the entertainment and luxury of your next event.


We celebr

Choosing the Right Hose Clamp For the Job

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Aviation clamps
Plumbing repairs generally require the services of professionally skilled plumber. However, some minor plumbing issues can be resolved by the homeowner with the right tools and supplies. Plumbing leaks and loose hoses are one of these easier to correct plumbing problems. The hardest part then becomes knowing which supplies are needed. Hose clamps come in all sizes, types, and materials. It is important to measure properly and choose the best size and shape for optimal leak guard protection.

Unit of measurement

It is first important to understand what unit of measurement is being used. Hose clamps come in different sizes, and accurate measuring is needed. Adjustable hose clamps can help make up minor differences in sizing, but even the adjustable hose clamp needs to fit properly to work efficie

Three Mistakes to Avoid While Building a Kit Car

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Cobra kit car manufacturers
Have you always dreamed of having a custom roadster but think that it’s out of your price range? You might dream of the air blowing through your hair as you speed around the race track in a road and track car. Maybe you want a custom roadster because a muscle car attracts the ladies (no judgement if so… that’s one reason we love our custom roadster). Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having the bonding experience of building a performance driving replica car with a son or daughter or mother or father. Whatever the reason, you might find that building a kit car is the way to go!


Mercedes-Benz Outsells BMW in 2016 to Become World’s Biggest Premium Carmaker

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Mercedes benz parts
Back in 2013, Mercedes-Benz USA saw its highest ever number of sales, with 312,534 units sold in America. But in 2016, Mercedes officially became the best-selling premium carmaker in the world, outperforming its chief rival, BMW, for the first time in over 10 years.
It is somewhat ironic, given that part of the appeal of owning a genuine Mercedes is that there are relatively few of them on the market. But that idea is changing in the car-making world, even as vintage Mercedes shops continue to hunt down the best Mercedes Benz performance parts for older cars and their enthusiasts.
“I’ve got it and you haven’t, is what used

4 Things to Consider Before Using a Transportation Company

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Visalia limo service
There are many types of transportation companies from limo services to wine tour transportation services or airport transportation companies and more. Using this services isn’t a bad idea. There are definitely some perks to them. However, one of the problems with these specific services, you probably don’t use them every single day so there are a few things that you should check in to before hiring the service, be it something like wine tour transportation services or getting a ride to the airport. Here are a few things you should do before hand.

3 Warning Signs That You Need New Tires

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Tire company
It is safe to say that the tires on our cars are responsible for getting us to every destination we have. Without them, it will be hard to travel any amount of distance, and the smallest error in tire pressure or inflation has the ability to change your vacation dramatically. But how do you know when your tires need to be replaced? Instead of heading to an expensive tire company for a quote, read this list first for some warning signs to keep an eye out for.
The tread depth is wearing down
The treads on your tires are what gives them traction to drive properly on the road. When you have low tread depth, your tires can slip and slide around, however since every tire manufacturer is different it can be confusing to figure out when to change. A good rule of thumb to figure out if your dep

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Used Car

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Dealers of pre-owned vehicles

When it comes to buying used cars, consumers should be aware that it is slightly different than purchasing a brand new car. Buying a used car might mean that individuals will have to pay out of pocket, instead of getting a loan. They should also consider what a car has been through, and how they can make the most of their purchase by examining the car. Every used car dealership is different, and their offerings will vary based on location. By going in educated and knowing what to look for in a future vehicle, customers can make the right purchase for them.
Consider a Car That is Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Depending on the Age
For vehicles that are five years or younger, there is the o

What Auto Repair Questions Should I Ask?

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Auto repair questions

When’s the last time you visited an auto mechanic? With weather hazards on the horizon and gas prices only getting higher and higher, dropping by your local auto repair shop might be one of the most useful things you’ve checked off of your to-do list. Even a minor issue in your tires can see you spending an excess of hundreds of extra dollars every year, putting you out of pocket when you need it least. Vehicle maintenance and vehicle neglect are both hot button issues in the United States and it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve even when you think your vehicle is operating smoothly. Let’s do a rundown of the most commonly as