By 2040 The United States Will Transport Nearly 20 Billion Tons Of Cargo Today’s Trucking Industry

You’re getting back on board with your trucking job. Perhaps this is your first time taking on tractor trailer towing and roadside assistance. What should you know about today’s industry?

Hauling services are always in high demand. There’s always a business in need of point-to-point transportation or tractor trailer towing for a commission on a deadline. When you invest in a truck driving job you invest in your country, keeping it running smoothly day and night. Not all truck driving jobs are made the same, however, and require different skill sets if they’re to be done properly. Whichever niche speaks to you most, a little knowledge can start you on the right path to a successful career that won’t go out of style for decades yet.

Here are five things you should know about different trucking jobs.

How many truck drivers are enjoying steady work today? Back in 2015 there were over three and a half million truck drivers employed full-time across the United States. These figures are expected to see steady growth as the necessity for quality tractor trailer towing services and emergency recovery services increase in demand. Not only do we need to use powerful vehicles to help people get where they need to go, but we need experienced drivers dedicated to a safe, efficient job every time.

It’s not just emergency services that need a boost, either. Basic transportation is a network always running every minute of every day. Back in 2013 trucking alone transported nearly 15 billion tons of cargo. The Bureau Of Labor Statistics reported that this number is expected to near 20 billion tons by the time 2040 arrives. While that’s still a long way off, investing in a trucking business now will ensure you a steady career with a plethora of benefits that only get higher by the day. This includes good pay, reliable hours and plenty of opportunity for growth.

Driving a truck is a massive responsibility…literally! Your average semi-truck weighs around 80,000 pounds, with the average car only 5,000 or so. It takes a lot of practice and training to operate such a large vehicle safely and consistently, particularly when you have many hazards to keep in mind. Harsh weather conditions, such as rain and sleet, have boosted demand for automobile towing services over the past five years or so. With over six million car accidents happening in the United States each year and truck accidents being some of the most devastating, safety is key to a successful job every time you step behind the wheel.

What are some of the health factors involved with full-time and even part-time trucking? According to studies provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, driver fatigue is a factor in nearly 15% of truck accidents. This can be caused by a lack of sleep, too much overtime or a reliance on caffeine to get through the day. Sleep apnea is a common sleeping disorder in the United States, to boot, and one exacerbated by too much work. Outside factors can also contribute to an increased risk of crashing. There are nearly seven tire punctures every second in the country, resulting in over 200 million flat tires per year.

A family gets stuck on the side of the road because their car battery died. A business is actively seeking some affordable transportation options for their local customer base. There are many reasons to turn to towing heavy duty vehicles and tractor trailer towing services and it’s your job to do the job right every time. This means obtaining your certification, taking good care of your health and keeping your ear to the ground concerning any and all industry changes. If you want a career field that’s growing faster by the day and offers you plenty of opportunities to make steady money, look no further than trucking.

It’s a fast-paced world. How can your trailer repair and towing services keep pace?

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