Do-It-Yourself Or The Repair Shop? Choosing The Right Touch Up Paint Kit For Your Car

Winter is harsh on your vehicle. When it’s not making you slip and slide coming to a stop it’s damaging your exterior with hail and mud.

Make this the year you take the initiative and pick up some do-it-yourself skills. It’s a constant pain going back and forth between the repair shop, whether you have a busy schedule or are trying to save money. Audi touch up paint, and all the different variations, are fantastic resources you can grab on the way back from the grocery store to give your car a new sheen. Able to cover up scratches and patch up scrapes, the car touch up paint kit makes a great gift to yourself or a fellow car enthusiast. Before you pick up your Dodge paint options, however…

…browse below and make sure you’re using your paint kit correctly!

Car Damage Can Happen Any Time

Set your clock and count down the days until something leaves your car looking less than stellar. It can be a heavy storm dropping branches and hail on your hood, scratching it all over. It can be a sudden fender bender that leaves a jagged mark. Home and vehicle insurance claims linked to both hail and wind storms have accounted for 40% of all losses these past five years. Deep paint scratch repair has a cost range of $300 and $3,000, depending on the extent of the damage, and can be reduced nicely when you invest in Audi touch up paint.

The Auto Industry Has A Great Selection

Audi touch up paint, Ford touch up paint, Hyundai touch up paint…you name it, the auto industry has it! Recent estimates have stated the auto body industry to be valued at an impressive $40 billion. Your car touch up kit is organized by color, brand, and size, giving you the perfect arrangement of options to meet your unique needs. First things first? Choose the right color so you’re not accidentally making your problem worse.

Make Sure You Get The Right Color

While searching for your paint touch up kit your first order of business is to narrow down the color. Even if you have a more unusual shade, never fear…you have a large industry all too happy to meet you halfway. According to data provided by color marketing specialist Nancy Lockhart, white remains the number one car color of choice in the United States. The auto industry classifies the following four colors as neutral — white, gray, silver, and black. Once you find your Audi touch up paint kit in the right shade, the next thing you need to do is pick up some painting tips. You want the best possible finish, right?

Clean The Area And Apply Primer First

Here’s a common mistake car owners make right off the bat…applying their GMC touch up paint right off the bat! Clean off the area first and free it from debris, dirt, dust, and anything else that could create a bumpy end result. Once you’re finished make sure the surface is perfectly dry before applying your primer. Just like an acrylic painting or a coat of make-up, the primer allows the product to sit more evenly on the surface. Once this is dry and good to go you can then start applying the Mazda touch up paint on the scratch.

Use Several Thin Coats For An Even Result

The best Cadillac touch up paint won’t do well if you don’t have a proper foundation. Car paint scratches are classified under these levels — 1A, 1B, 2, 3, and 4. Level 1A is the least severe, just a minor scrape, while 4 is the most extreme and will take a little more time to polish out. Clear coats on cars range from one to two milliliters thick to help protect the paint’s integrity. Several thin, even coats are much better than one thick coat, allowing you more control over the application. You’ll be surprised at what you’re able to do with your purchase!

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