Drinking and Driving and How to Avoid It

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We all know that drinking and driving don’t mix, but even still, DUIs can happen to the well-intentioned. Blood alcohol levels depend on a number of factors, such as height and weight, sex, the speed that drinks are consumed, and the amount and type of food eaten before and during any drinking.

Why do People Drink and Drive?

Unfortunately, one of the effects of even a small amount of alcohol is lowered inhibitions and difficulty making smart decisions. That means that sometimes the moment you need to make the smartest decisions of all–whether to drive home–is the moment you’re least able to make it.

What Does Drinking Cost Us?

Drinking and driving costs a lot in terms of money and lives. Every day we lose 28 people in America to drinking and driving accidents; and when fatal crashes happen, drivers involved with high blood alcohol levels are six times more likely to have been previously convicted of a DUI than other drivers. The monetary cost of accidents related to drinking is high, too. They are estimated to cost us about $59 billion every year.

Protect Yourself by Thinking Ahead

There are a number of ways to protect ourselves from ever drinking and driving, and one of the best is to cultivate good drinking habits. This means thinking in advance about whether you’ll drink when out, and always having it as a rule before you go that you’ll never drive if you’ve been drinking. No exceptions, no “if I’ve had too much.” Just never drive after drinking. Plan for cabs or a designated driver for any event.

Consider an Interlock Device

The ignition interlock device is a kind of car breathalyzer that won’t allow a car to start until the driver has blown into the device and registered a blood alcohol level below a certain limit. Not only does this serve as a good reminder for the car owner, but also allows him or her to protect the car from friends or family who might make poor choices after drinking.

What if I Don’t Want to Put My Interlock Device on Display?

While ignition interlock installation can be a great safety move, it can also be embarrassing to have to blow into one every time you start the car. Since it’s a relatively expensive gadget, it’s also something thieves might want to break into your car and steal. Fortunately, the interlock cup is a great way to hide and protect your device. The interlock cup looks like a regular travel cup, but the straw is actually for the breathalyzer.

Drinking and driving is a serious issue in our society, and we all have a vested interest in protecting ourselves and our loved ones from the negative effects of drinking, DUIs among them.

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