Everything You Need to Know About Public EV Charging

The growing popularity of electric vehicles has resulted in an increase in the number of public EV charging stations. The YouTube video “Public EV Charging: How-to.” examines the various types of electric car chargers, the costs, and benefits/drawbacks of the charging stations provided by car charging companies.

Car charging is divided into three levels: level 1, level 2, and level 3. Level 3 presently gives the quickest speed and greatest charge–up to 90 miles for each hour of charge.

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J 1772, Chademo, combined charging systems, and Tesla are the most prevalent plugs. Chademo plugs are high-voltage, high-wattage devices that are best used for DC charging. The J 1772 plugs work with voltages of 110 to 220 volts, making them perfect for home charging. Tesla plugs come with a variety of adapters that allow them to be used with any type of outlet.

Different kinds of charging deals are offered by car charging companies. Some brands offer unlimited charging at no cost for a stipulated period, while others offer various minimum-fee plans, rates, and specialized membership cards. Overall, electric car owners are responsible for choosing the best charging plans for their needs.


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