Five Benefits of Driving School

We all remember that exciting, wonderful feeling from the first time we drove a car. Starting it up, feeling the power of the engine, and then…taking off down the road. What a thrill! There is absolutely, positively no turning back, ever!

And then there was the other thrill–the thrill of beginner driving school. Not quite the same thrill as cruising down the highway with the wind blowing in our hair, driving school seemed just a little abstract compared to the reality of driving on the road.

But when one is learning to drive, driving school is a necessity. And maybe it is still a necessity today, even for those who have not attended driving school in a long time.

If practice driving and traffic lessons are in your future, or if they are way back in the rear view mirror of your past, driving school is probably a good idea. The roads are busy in the U.S., with licensed drivers numbering 214 million. That’s a lot of drivers and a lot of cars.

It might be a good idea to keep an open mind. As the world around us changes, it is probably in our best interest to brush up of something we have been doing for years. Here are five reasons to go to driving school or take a driving course if you haven’t had a brush-up lesson in a while.

Sunrise, Sunset
We all love the warm feel of the sun on our faces, it’s great. But the sun glaring in our eyes? No, especially when we are driving. Sun glare can cause accidents, but if you are aware of it you probably can compensate most of the time. Likewise, we humans do not see as well in the dark as some of our animal friends. Extra caution is needed, especially with the combination of night darkness and headlight glare.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow
Just not when we have to drive. Slick roads can cause havoc and speed can make things worse. Knowing when and how to brake in a snow or rain situation can be an enormous help.

You Can Call Me on My Cell Phone
…Just not when I’m driving! Distractions such as mobile devices are to be avoided, as driving school will remind us all. A split second can make a world of difference.

You Take the High Road, I’ll Take the Low Road
Courtesy is still taught in driving school. Driving classes show how important it is for everyone–teens and seniors and everyone in between–to stay calm and unemotional when you’re behind the wheel. If you give an inch, you don’t lose a thing and you might prevent a huge problem! Especially if you are like most teens who are taught by their parents how to drive–56%–this is a life lesson to carry with you into the car and always.

Stop! In the Name of…Safety
Sometimes the unexpected occurs, and driving school will help you prepare for that, or reintroduce you to that possibility. What do you do if the power goes out and there are no traffic lights? Or do you know the protocol at a 4-way stop sign? Knowing the code will help prevent confusion all around.

To sum up, we have all heard the familiar phrase: “There’s always room for improvement” and sometimes we take it to heart. Most of the time, we associate this phrase with skills that we don’t use every day, and see it as pertaining to skills that we might–or might not be interested–in developing to the next level. Yes, I could be a better cook, or yes, I could continue with piano lessons to see if my timing would improve.

But when it pertains to skills that most of us use every day, such as driving, for instance, this can also be the case. If we are just going to driving school and learning as a novice, or we have been driving for years, there actually is always room for improvement And improving safety while driving is definitely a change for the better!

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