Honda Accord Vs. Honda Civic

When it comes to buying a new Honda, you could be in a variety of situations. Maybe you’re at the dealership and looking for your perfect match, or maybe the honda repair shop left you convinced that it’s time for an upgrade. Where do you even start when picking out a new car? What are the important questions to ask before you commit to such a big decision? Well, this video goes through the many similarities and differences between two of the most popular models of Honda, the Civic and the Accord.

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Right off the bat, the latest Honda Accords are more expensive than the Civics. Both are compact, mid-sized cars, but the Civic is more popular with learning drivers and first-time car owners. It is available in a hatchback style or a sedan. Both models have a long list of fun features and safety mechanisms, including touch-screen displays and 8-speaker audio systems. Though the perks of both of these cars are numerous, check out your local dealership and get a test drive before deciding.


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