How Much Cash For My Junk Car Would I Get?

This video discusses how much cash for junk car you can expect to receive. First, it outlines the criteria that are used to determine how much you will receive. The cash you receive depends on the price of scrap steel and the weight of the car.

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If the vehicle has an engine, it can increase the cash for junk car you receive. Next, you have to determine if the parts can be sold separately for a higher price.

An example of the difference between a car with an engine and a car without an engine is a car with an engine may go for $11.50 per hundred pounds, and without the engine, the same car will be $9.50 without the engine.

The tires on the car can be valuable, depending on the tread. If they have a good amount of tread, they can be sold separately, and you get more money for them. If they have close to new tread, you could get close to $50 per tire. An alternator can get you close to $60. You can sell it on a website or reuse it for a project.

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