How The Best Auto Repair Shops Keep Themselves Sparkly Clean

What comes to mind when you think of an auto repair shop? Probably oily floors, greasy surfaces, and old spare parts were strewn all over the place. In this video, you can see that some shops have decided to do it differently. Most auto repair shops are messy, but some have opted to set themselves apart by remaining sparkly clean.

This could very well be the cleanest shop in America, and probably anywhere.

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From the waiting room to the equipment, tools, and spare parts, everything is spotless. You may as well walk through a hotel.

To keep a repair shop clean, spills and other messes should be cleaned as soon as they occur. Mechanics clean their areas of work as they continue working. For deep cleaning, professional cleaners are hired to come in after working hours and clean thoroughly.

When clients walk through the doors of a spotlessly clean auto shop, they instantly get the impression that this business is orderly and organized. Knowing that their cars will be handled with similar high esteem, there’s no doubt that they’re in the right hands. The workers in such auto repair shops have the advantage of working in a conducive working environment so they can give their best in every project.

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