Installing a Steel Insulated Garage Door

Installing an insulated steel garage door can add style and quality to your home. This Old House illustrates in this YouTube video how a steel garage door is installed with professional garage door installation services.

The bottom panel starts as the base for the whole door.

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Hinges, mounts, and rollers are affixed. With the help of more than one person, the door’s bottom panel is placed into the tracks and centered in the door opening. Each additional panel is then prepped to be placed onto the next one until the transitional panel is ready to be placed.

The side tracks are affixed into place, and the horizontal top tracks are installed. Tracks are then aligned on each side over the rollers and connected at the bottom. Tracks hang out at a slight angle only until the rest of the panels are in place.

The transitional panel is hung in place. Springs are connected next and adjusted to the proper torque. The heavier the door, the more torque the springs will need. Cables are installed. Finally, the motor is put into place. Once a final double-checking is done, the door can be tested.

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