Is Snowex Really the Best Snowplow?

When it comes to investing in a snow plow for you truck, you want the best of the best. Whether you run a snow plowing business with several clients, or simply want to plow your friend’s driveways recreationally, it is important that you put in the research before pouring your money into a new plow. If you’ve been in the snow plow market for a while, changes are that you’ve heard the name Snowex. This brand has been boasted as the “best” snow plow for years, but does it really live up to the hype? This video gives three big reasons why Snowex reigns supreme in the industry.

Snowex plows stay true to the blizzard design on the plow blade. They stay incredibly consistent when you are plowing, and scrape with exact precision.

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Additionally, they utilize a hydraulic lift instead of a traditional chain lift. This makes them lift smoother and easier, without fear of breaking a chain. Finally, Snowex plows are quick and easy to mount on your vehicle. With all of these positive factors in mind, it is no surprise that snow plow business owners keep returning to the local Snowex dealer every year.


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