How Much is Your Auto Accident Worth?

Car accidents can be devastating. They can cause permanent physical and emotional damage to those involved. You deserve compensation for your pain and suffering. That is why you need to talk to a auto accident attorney right away. In this video, you will learn how compensation is awarded to auto accident victims.

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There are two main components to an any injury lawsuit. First, there is the cost of medical bills. Second, there is your pain and suffering which includes the emotional aspect. With a car accident, there is also loss of your car.

The medical bills and value of your car are fairly straight forward. The judge and jury have easy access to exactly how much you paid in medical bills. This amount can easily be compensated. However, pain and suffering is hard to quantify. It may also represent a much larger amount than you would expect. For example, if you receive some scars on your face, you have to wake up every day and see those scars from your accident. This can result in emotional trauma that can be compensated. Another example could be that you can no longer walk. This may mean you can’t go for walks on the beach like you used to do. You could also receive compensation for that as well.


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