New Drivers Often Require a Great Deal of Practice Before They Become Proficient

Beginning driving courses offer first time drivers a chance to hone their skills in the safest of environments. From the opportunity to practice parallel parking to learning how to stop and start smoothly, traffic lessons can help you be more confident when you are out on real roads. It should come as no surprise that there are many drivers who could benefit from more practice time.

States do not necessarily require that new drivers participate in drivers training courses, but the fact of the matter is most new drivers really could use the extra practice that professional instruction provides. Similarly, taking an additional drivers training course following an accident or moving traffic violation can help you regain your confidence and can, in some cases, help you salvage your insurance rates.

How Did You First Learn to Drive?
Who was it that taught you how to drive? Did you take a structured professional driving school class, or did you learn to drive in a variety of empty parking lots? Finding the best way to teach your child to drive can be a challenge, so it is often a god decision to pay someone else to teach your child these important skills. Consider these facts and figures about the accident statistics that are indicators of the fact that many people are still in need of professional driving lessons:

  • 86% of U.S. workers commuted by automobile in 2013. This much driving increases the chance of being in heavy traffic, a condition that can lead to accidents.
  • 56% of teens rely on their parents for learning how to drive.
  • 25% of ninth graders report being in a crash as a passenger sometime in their lifetimes.
  • 20% of eleventh graders report being in a crash as a driver in the past year.
  • 65% of teenagers indicate that they consistently wear their seat belts as both a driver and passenger
  • Teens are almost 10 times more likely to be in a crash in their first year on the road.

Whether you take an expensive driving course or you learn to drive from your parents, it is important to get the practice that you need to be safe when you are on roads in town or on interstates across the country.

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