Quick Start Guide on Hose Clamps for the Do It Yourself Plumber

Plumbing can be a complicated process, especially in emergency situations. If you’re trying to stop a leaking pipe or attempting your next at-home DIY project, here’s a quick and easy guide to get you started on learning all there is to know about hose clamps.

A hose clamp, or hose clip, is a small device meant to seal a hose to a fitting. Different sizes and types of hose clamps are required for different hoses and fittings, and determining the right size clip can be a real pain if you don’t know what you’re doing. You need to measure the diameter of the hose and determine what kind of hose clamp you’ll need. Here’s a brief rundown of the most common types of hose clamps for emergencies, home improvement projects or just simple maintenance.

Screw Clamp

A screw clamp is an adjustable hose clamp made for larger hoses, around half an inch in diameter and bigger. These adjustable clamps will wrap around the house, tightening and sealing it to the fitting. Then, you will screw the clamp in place. These clamps are often useful for blocking leaks, and can often be the best hose clamps for emergencies in plumbing.

Worm Gear Clamp

Similar to a screw clamp but used in more heavy duty situations, these larger interlocked clamps can be used in extreme weather situations due to their strong grip and status as a quality stainless steel hose clamp.

Spring Clamp

A spring clamp is a small clip meant for basic hoses to hold in place. It is a useful everyday tool that can be helpful as hose clamps for emergencies. These clips can be made of plastic, copper, steel or many other sorts of materials.

Though these clamps are often used in plumbing, they absolutely have use in everyday life as well, from holding cables and cords together and keeping them organized to serving as last-minute duct tape replacement. Now, next time you need to use one of these bad boys, you’ll feel a little more informed.

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