Replacement Parts for Work Trucks

Trucks are powerful vehicles capable of doing work, often carrying loads in a bed or towing a trailer via a trailer hitch. While many ordinary Americans own pickup trucks for this kind of work, there are larger trucks still. Commercial trucks such as dump trucks, semi trucks, and the like boast enormous engines, high horsepower, tough wheels, and durable bodies for a hard day’s work. They can often be seen on the roads and highways today, such as concrete mixers or garbage trucks, or even trucks that carry logs strapped to their beds. These commercial vehicles are bought and sold wholesale, and often, it is construction companies and truck carrier companies that own them. Choosing and financing a truck is one thing, but what about finding truck parts and other wholesale repair items for a vehicle? Sometimes, even the biggest and strongest work vehicles will need some truck parts fitted in to get back to speed.

On Trucks

Such vehicles often run on diesel, and they boast high horsepower for carrying or towing heavy loads. They are busy, too; it is believed that trucks carry 71.5% of the U.S.’s freight (based on weight), and trucks can go where trains and jets cannot. What is more, they are much more affordable for carrier companies than ships or jets, making them a staple for the many small carrier companies out there. They are also much more cost-friendly for shipping clients to make use of, and trucks can be modified to carry all kinds of specialized cargo. Many semi truck trailers are general-purpose, but trucks can also two tanks that carry liquid nitrogen (very hazardous), or they can carry nuclear materials or canisters of explosive gas or oil (also hazardous). The drivers of these trucks, and all support personnel, typically need the right equipment and certification to handle materials like these.

Some two million of these trucks are in operation today, and speaking more broadly, some 400,000 commercial trucking companies are in operation. The managers of these companies can look for new or gently used trucks and trailers, then finance them with the aid of truck lending companies (as opposed to big banks). This is a huge market, to be sure, but don’t forget the repair and upkeep of those vehicles.

Ordering New Truck Parts

Any part of a truck’s body might break off, wear down, go faulty, or otherwise need replacement, and a responsible truck owner will keep track of their vehicle’s needs and order new truck parts when needed. This will be especially true when the company bought a gently used truck; used vehicles have some miles on them, and while they can be bought at a discount price, they may have acute repair needs, too.

For example, a minor repair job may involve the headlights for semi trucks. A truck’s headlights and brake lights must be in good working order for safety’s sake, and a truck with faulty lights might get pulled over. During night driving, especially in rain or snow or thick fog, the truck’s headlights must be powerful. If they are busted or too dim, replacement truck headlights are a must, and LED lights are a fine option. LEDs, or light emitting diodes, are among the most efficient light sources out there, putting out a lot of lumens with limited wattage. This saves on electricity, and LEDs are known to last for a long time even when they serve as truck headlights or tail lights. Older trucks with traditional headlights can be updated with these LED models, if desired.

The mirrors are another cosmetic repair need to be aware of. All vehicles have mirrors on them so the operator can see all around them, and a truck driver needs big mirrors to avoid hitting other vehicles by accident. If a truck’s mirrors have been snapped off or are worn out or considered too small, then replacement truck parts can be ordered, and new mirrors will be installed with minimal hassle once repair experts are brought onto the scene. Of course, new mirrors must be tested first, to ensure that they are aligned properly.

On a final not, have the engine checked regularly, and repair or replace faulty parts such as the fuel injectors or spark plugs to maintain optimal performance during long drives.

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