The Best Way To Tour New Zealand

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There are 9 times as many sheep in New Zealand as there are people. That is a whole lot of sheep. I had no idea they had so many sheep until I visited last year. I have never seen such a beautiful country. New Zealand has an especially unique collection of animals, plants and fungi thanks to its 80 million year old history of geographic isolation. That makes for some good exploring and adventure.

All adventure travelers these days consider bungee jumping without realizing that bungee jumping originated in New Zealand in 1986 with the first daring jump being from the Auckland Greenhithe Bridge. Just a little bit of trivia I was excited to learn. We rented a vehicle to go around and that was one of our stops.

New zealand camper vans are available almost anywhere in the country. New Zealand camper van hire was widely available and affordable. We considered it. We looked at every budget car hire New Zealand had to offer. And at every hybrid car hire New Zealand had to offer. We found that when it comes to mid sized car hire New Zealand had a plethora of options and that when it comes to 4 wheel car hire, New Zealand is as diverse in options as it is in landscape. But we kept going back to the hybrid car hire New Zealand had so widely available.

We finally settled on the hybrid car hire New Zealand was advertising. I do not blame them for wanting to help preserve their precious landscape. New Zealand natives are called the Maori, their name for their homeland is Aotearoa meaning the land of the long white cloud. We wanted to be as respectful to their beautiful land of the long white cloud as we could be. So the hybrid car hire new zealand had been advertising was the ticket.

New Zealanders have another claim to fame I did not know as the number one country for Olympic gold metals per capita. You should go to New Zealand, get a hybrid car hire New Zealand offers and drive from shore to shore. Maybe you will run into an Olympian along the way. And maybe they will be driving the same hybrid car hire New Zealand wants to promote.

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