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Cost to ship a car

Did you know that, according to Toyota’s national manager for highway transportation, Mike Nelson, Toyota trucks drive 45 million miles per year to transport cars to at least one dealership? Vehicle hauling and shipping can entail a considerable amount of time and costs. What are the various ways to ship vehicles, and how safe are vehicles during transit?

What Are the Most Common Ways to Ship Cars?

The most popular means of transporting vehicles are rail and truck, according to Approximately 65%-70% of new vehicles spend part of their journey to the dealership on a train. In some cases, specialized transportation services may use trucks only; car shipping companies typically choose this method for short distances, or distances of 250 miles or less. Both methods transport automobiles without adding miles. This is especially important for new vehicles. The reason? Vehicles may no longer be considered new with even insignificant amounts of mileage.

Car shipping can costs vary by weight and shipment distances, but most costs amount to much less than comparable gas prices. The same companies may also be able to help clients with other transport services, including motorcycle and boat transport.

Is Shipping Heavy Equipment Safe?

Auto racks are specifically designed to transport cars, trucks, and SUVs safely, and efficiently, by rail. Auto racks may be two or three decks high (depending on the size of vehicles), and HowStuffWorks reveals that some trains are capable of transporting as many as 800 automobiles.

Tractor trailers, on the other hand, typically transport cars using a two-deck rig. There are a number of standards and regulations in place in order to ascertain that cars and SUVs remain in position during shipment. Most companies secure vehicles in at least four separate locations, and use custom chains, straps, and ratchets, to secure cars into place.

Dealerships, and sometimes individual buyers online, require safe and reliable vehicle shipment. Car shipment companies can safely and efficiently ship cars by truck or rail, and may even be able to help with specialized transport, including motorcycle and boat transport. Get more here:

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