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Love Tailgating? A Big Bus Can Make it Even More Fun

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Big yellow buses are almost synonymous with the first day of school, and there are very few kids who don’t spend at least some time on them during their years in school. However, school buses for sale can be used for far more than just youth transportation after a school district is done with them. Choosing to buy school buses can be good for a number of different people who want to haul both themselves and their friends and family around. Whether they go on lots of big group vacations or want something with more space for their cross-country trip, shoppers should think about converting a youth bus. In the autumn, perhaps the best reason for deciding to buy school buses is to create a football tailgating hotspot. No matter how cold th

Car Radio Programs Are Still Important Sources for Advice

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Despite an ever-changing world, it seems that one thing that won’t change is the need for quality car talk shows and other sources of pertinent auto information. As long as we still rely on cars to help us get to work, pick up our kids, visit friends, and take weekend road trips, we’ll need the advice of experts to clarify maintenance issues, common malfunctions, and other areas of important common knowledge. The statistics demonstrate that radio is still an effective medium for delivering this content. Each week, 93% of US. citizens who are at least 12 years old listen to the radio, as reported by the Radio Advertising Bureau. Among American men between the ages of 25 and 54–a key demographic for car programs–an even higher percentage tune in, 94% in fact. The staying power of traditional auto repair f

When Your Church Needs a Bus, Will You Lease, or Buy?

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If your congregation has never had a church bus before, but is considering one now, then there are plenty of great reasons to go forward with it. A church bus can ensure that even the oldest members of your congregation can still take part in services and extra programs. If there are special events or outings, your church can provide the transportation and allow them to be safely included in all activities. Having a church bus can also help with outreach, as it will allow church staff to provide transportation to Sunday school, and give more families the opportunity to take part in your congregation. Unfortunately, wanting a church bus is one thing, and getting it is another. There are advantages to either purchasing a used shuttle bus for sale for your church, or going through Continue Reading No Comments

How to Customize a Vehicle

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You can make a car a billboard with the simple addition of vehicle wraps. As such, some businesses use vinyl vehicle wraps and other vehicle wrap advertising to gain exposure in the world. Typically, vinyl is used to wrap cars with colors and advertisements, and unsurprisingly, vinyl car wraps are very common. More than 95 percent of Americans have said they are reached by mobile advertisements, including vinyl car wraps. It is important, however, to get a warranty on the vehicle wrap, as it can cover any damage or wear and tear inflicted on the vehicle in its transit. Interestingly, the outdoor advertisement indu