5 Myths Debunked About Ignition Interlock Devices

Drunk driving is a dangerous activity that causes a number of problems. These problems include crashes, wrecks, injuries from these wrecks, as well as tickets, jail time and fees for the driver. Roughly 28 people die each day as a result of drunk driving. For this reason it is important for drivers who engage in drunk driving to be stopped by any means. Ignition interlock devices can help eliminate drunk driving cases by eliminating traffic stops and arrests by about 70%. As good as these devices are, there are some myths surrounding them. Read below as we debunk these myths concerning ignition interlocking devices.

Having Someone Else Blow

Having someone else blow for you is not only illegal, but in many cases it can also cause other problems. Some companies choose to have a camera installed when the ignition interlock device is installed. Having someone else blow for you can cause you to lose your driving privileges completely.

Installing One Can Harm a Vehicle

Ignition interlock installers know what they are doing and how to install these devices without harming the vehicle. They do not cause any performance related issues to your vehicle. The interlock device is installed on wiring so there is no extra equipment needed, and when the device is removed your car is returned to normal operating condition.

Testing While Driving is Dangerous

Drinking while driving is dangerous, and an ignition interlock device is prevent this danger. When driving, if a retest is required, the individual has 6 minutes to retest. This means if the driver would feel more comfortable pulling over before blowing, then they will have plenty of time.

Drugs and Alcohol are Detected

There are many myths surrounding these devices and this is one of them. Alcohol is the only thing that is detected, the device cannot detect drugs. With this being said, do keep in mind that this device was already installed for a reason, and any impaired driving could result in loosing your ability to drive altogether.

Using this Device Will Drain my Batters

Many have claimed that the ignition interlock device has caused their battery to go dead. The battery going dead is not from this device This device pulls such a small amount of energy from the battery that it would take around 10 days of not starting your car in order for your battery to be completely drained.

An ignition interlock device can save your life as well as the lives of others, and they are very successful at eliminating recurrences of drunk driving. Despite the many myths surrounding these devices, they are successful at what they are designed to do. These devices ensure that only drivers who are competent and not currently under the influence of alcohol operate the vehicle.

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