Why Your Next Car Should be a Dodge Ram Pickup

Dodge Ram trucks are one of the most popular pickup trucks on the market for a reason. Since its first appearance in 1981, the versatility of this truck has suited the needs of a family as well as those of a heavy-duty worker. It was named after Dodge’s emblem of a Ram that is adorned on all of the company’s cars. Since its conception, it has been graced Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year list five times.

The Ram has power and a great fuel economy system. With every new model, it looks to improve on both of these things in addition to suggestions by other Ram owners, including modern features like GPS navigation, touch screen dashboards, and Bluetooth.

One of the ways that this powerhouse truck caters to the needs of an average family is the four-door cab option. It provided easier access to the truck’s back row seating, which made it a truck that was more comfortable on long road trips. The Ram then evolved to include a mega cab option for the road trip warriors, with an interior that included an additional row of seats and a DVD console option.

The trucks are not just for families though. Throughout the years the Ram has increased in horsepower and built bigger and sturdier truck beds with a drastically improved suspension to give drivers a smoother ride. Dodge Rams are still one of the only trucks that still offer manual shifting in their full-sized pickups. The trucks also come with a Rambox, a storage system that lets owners store supplies within the walls of the bed of the truck to save space and provide security for possessions.

If you’re in the market to shop for a new car or shop for an old car, your first stop should be at an auto dealership that sells Dodge Rams. You’ll see for yourself why auto dealers and truck drivers alike are big fans of the Dodge Ram truck of all generations. Although be warned, once you become the owner of a Dodge Ram, you’ll most likely never want to go back to your old truck.

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